Small Aqua Hinza Bag

The elegant Swedish design from the 1950s, in combination with fantastic usability, have resulted in the Hinza bags' huge popularity all over the world.

Hinza bags are great shopping bags, perfect for packing your groceries. The bags are of durable plastic and can easily be cleaned over and over again.

Beach bags or picnic bags - the Hinza bags are ideal as both. The smaller version of the bag fits well into bicycle baskets.

For colourful storage of, for instance, magazines, toys and other bits and pieces around the home, Hinza bags are perfect.

A Hinza bag is the ultimate everyday bag. It is durable, stable, and holds more than you'd think. With an inner bag or cover, the bag is even more useful. The wide range of colours and the three different sizes mean that everyone can find their own special favourite.