Music System BT Walnut/Beige

Exceptional all-in-one Hi-Fi.

Expansive stereo audio and extended bass from this compact system fills your room with impressive clarity.

The Tivoli Music System BT includes a traditional AM/FM tuner, allowing you to enjoy your favorite local broadcasts, whether it's music, news, talk shows, or sports, providing a traditional radio experience. It also offers Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can stream audio wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It allows you to enjoy not only radio stations but also your personal music collection or streaming services through the system's speakers.

The inclusion of a CD player adds to its versatility, catering to users who prefer the classic method of playing CDs along with those who enjoy modern streaming and wireless audio options.

AM, FM, CD, Bluetooth, and auxiliary input – the Music System BT can play any audio source you want. The addition of the easy to read large display which shows RDS and CD information, clock with battery back-up, dual alarms, sleep function, and 20-minute snooze gives you everything you would need from this all-in-one system.