Mindful Garden

Stephanie Donaldson - The Mindful Garden

Make your outside space a mindful retreat, somewhere to restore the spirit. Just being outdoors in nature will refresh tired eyes and a tired mind.

Imagine spending time in a garden that is relaxing just to look at, thanks to a simple design, soothing plant colours, scents and textures, and the calming sounds of water, birdsong and the rustle of leaves. In The Mindful Garden, gardener and garden writer Stephanie Donaldson shows you how to achieve a tranquil outdoor space with a therapeutic effect. The first section, Peaceful Shapes and Spaces, promotes the virtues of simplicity, symmetry and balance. Stephanie explains how to carve out scenic spaces for contemplation and introduce art and sculpture into a garden. The second part of the book, Tranquillity for the Senses, shows how to incorporate soothing colours, appealing textures and light and shade into even the smallest outdoor space. In the final section, Scent and Sound, the author reveals how to add sensory touches such fragrant plants and calming sounds to promote wellbeing. With stunning photographs of inspirational gardens, lists of suggested plants and ideas for attracting wildlife, The Mindful Garden will help to transform any outside space into a restful retreat.

160 pages, 254 x 215 mm