Inflatable Arch Pool Pewter

The Pewter Arch Inflatable pool embodies the essence of enhancing outdoor spaces and reflecting personal style. Crafted using translucent material infused with pewter tones, it seamlessly integrates while also making a distinct design statement. Its ample dimensions and elegant contours harmonize form and function flawlessly.

Presenting our exclusive pool with an innovative arch shape, we've ensured it stands out amidst the ordinary paddling pool landscape. The Arch Inflatable pool not only follows the latest trends but also revolutionizes space usage, allowing for placement against walls or hedges.

True to our commitment to quality, this Pool, like all our products, is crafted from premium materials to meet the highest standards, ensuring enduring longevity.


160CM X 180CM X 38CM H (perfect for two adults or a bunch of kids)
Extra Thick durable PVC