Gotland Sheepskin Pelt

Originating from an island just off the coast of Sweden, Gotland Sheep are thought to have been first bred by the Vikings centuries ago. The Norse warriors prized the sheep for their superior meat and super soft skins –just like we do today.

Three Sticks Gotland Sheepskins are the ultimate in luxury and introduce a gorgeous layer of texture, comfort and style to any home.

You’ll notice the fleece’s signature curl, luxurious weight, rich natural colourings and its super-soft texture and lustrous glow. These unique features set Three Sticks Gotland Sheepskins apart from standard sheep pelts. You can really see and feel the difference.

Each Three Sticks Gotland Sheepskin is 100 percent natural, undyed and completely unique. The colours range from a light, silvery white, through to a steely grey and then onto a deep midnight black. The wool itself varies in curl, length and colour. These luxurious pelts are the perfect way to add natural softness and warmth to any interior. They complement all styles ranging from contemporary design through to classical styling.