Earrings - Olivia Ate - Ngatu

All our pieces are named after a member of our family and are organised by generation to align with the style.

Our Olivia Ate earrings are a beautiful statement pair and are named after one of Kalisi’s daughters. She had six daughters, including our mother; this pair is named after the eldest daughter. In this pair of earrings, the cloth is white as it is unpainted (ngatu is painted barkcloth in Tonga; tapa is the unpainted cloth). They show off the amazing fibres of the cloth that have been beaten over many months of collective work. These earrings are made from a ngatu that belonged to Olivia Ate’s sister, Nia. She gifted it to us because it was too damaged to continue to be gifted as koloa, malo 'aupito lahi.

MATERIAL: Tapa - Unpainted beaten mulberry cloth + Resin. Ngatu - Painted barkcloth + Resin

HOOKS: Gold Plated Stainless Steel